Session Idea: Discussion – Outside the Classroom, but On Campus: New Media, DH, and Campus Culture

My session idea for last year was how campuses might help support new media / transmedia student publications, and after a year of working with students on my own campus, I’ve started to think more broadly about campus cultures as a whole, and how new media and/or DH might fit into them.

It’s clear that the arts and humanities are part of the fabric of college campuses in ways that exceed the classroom–campuses have their own theatres, their own music scenes, their own art museums and entertainment venues, they have political societies and improv groups, dance troupes and poetry journals, all fostered and cultivated by university support and guidance. How might arts and humanities computing be supported in similar ways outside the structure of a classroom but within the culture of a campus? What kinds of publications, installations, events or archives might be possible? And how might universities encourage students to be producers, curators and project managers as well as users and clients?