Session Idea: What Makes Good Material for Simulation Based Learning in the Digital Humanities?

With one of this year’s bootcamps focusing on Gaming and the Humanities I figured it would be a good followup seminar to explore what types of collection materials are suitable for simulation based learning and what areas people would like to see explored using these methods.  The University of Wisconsin has developed ARIS, an opensource mobile platform suitable for tours and gaming.  They demonstrated the possibilities of this technology through their work with Dow Day, an augmented reality game which takes students through two days on the UW-Madison campus during a Vietnam War protest.  There was an article published detailing this project that can mostly be found starting at page 209 on google books (please contact me if you would like to read the entire article without the pages google has ommitted).

What materials lend themselves well to these types of digital humanities experiences?  Do we feel there is a need or desire for more experiences through tools like ARIS?  Is there a better or easier way to implement experiences and tools like this?  Would anyone like to learn how to use a tool like ARIS and use an event or collection materials to try this out?