BootCamp: Get Down with Drupal

Audrey Troutt (Goodwin College at Drexel University) has graciously agreed to give a BootCamp workshop on Drupal. Here’s the blurb she passed along:

Drupal is a flexible website development tool that you can use to build a blog, an online portfolio, a campaign website, an online store… anything!

It makes it easy to create and manage your website, even if you aren’t a technical person. You can point-and-click to add pages, menus, images and file uploads to your site.

Drupal is one of the best website development tools available and is used for major websites at places like Harvard, MIT, the Economist, MTV, Sony and even the Whitehouse. What’s more, it’s free and supported by a wide community of professionals and volunteers. Bring your laptop and come prepared to build your very own Drupal site–create a site on Drupal Gardens (it’s free) and I will show you how to get started. Try it out ahead of time if you like and send me your questions on Twitter @auditty.

BootCamp: What do you want to know about Omeka?

Rebecca Goldman has graciously agreed to return to THATCamp Philly to teach a Bootcamp workshop on using Omeka, the popular open source web-publishing platform. Since a workshop on Omeka could go in a lot of different directions, we’re looking for your feedback on how to frame the workshop. What would you like to know? Should the session focus primarily on setting up an Omeka site? Would you prefer more advanced topics? If so, what exactly? What do you want to learn about Omeka? Let us know in the comments!