Session Idea: Providing access to audiovisual materials online for digital archives, libraries and other non-profit institutions.

I have noticed when visiting several institutions for graduate school, that valuable film, video or audio media sits on shelves, unable to be used by researchers. The goal of this session is to discuss the possibility of creating a non-profit media center that is either stand alone or maybe part of a university or other organization. To digitize this media at very low cost to make this historical media available to users for the first time. There are several reasons why these organizations have a difficult time transferring this media to digital form:

-Playback issues-Most of this media is outdated, so finding equipment to playback and view/listen can be a large cost in itself.

-Researching standards and compatibility with current library software-Each institution will have different needs as far as which type of files will be compatible with their content management software/hardware.

-Copyright issues-Materials will have different rights issues which will need to be determined before posting online. Possible remedies are watermarked copies or low resolution viewing copies.

Let’s discuss these issues and the many more I’m sure you’ll come up with! To make this material accessible (and searchable) would be a boon to researchers everywhere!