Session Idea: Exploring ways in which social media can support or engage digital storytelling

We propose a general discussion focused on the topic of social media and digital storytelling.  In Web 2.0 storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre, Alexander and Levine talk about the emergence of storytelling as “open-ended, branching, hyperlinked, cross-media, participatory, exploratory, and unpredictable” (2008) experience.   But social media also provides opportunities to develop narratives that embrace multiple authoritative and personal voices, provide multi-layered experiences, inspire learning and creativity, and an opportunity to capture otherwise unheard stories.

For our purposes storytelling is interdisciplinary and can include but is not limited to historical narratives, personal narratives, art narratives, fiction, nonfiction, and collaborative writing projects and whatever else you define as storytelling.

We invite you to join us in an open conversation about the role of social media in storytelling; share best practices, resources and inspirational projects; as well as to explore the challenges posed in the quest to facilitate meaningful narratives through social media.

The conversation will be open-ended based on participants interests, however, possible topics of conversation may include:

  • how are social media platforms being used for digital storytelling
  • what is the best way to frame content to make it desirable
  • how can social media engage multiple authoritative and personal voices
  • how do we facilitate meaningful conversation on social media channels
  • how can storytelling  through social media unlock creativity and empower learning
  • what are the challenges posted by storying telling through social media
  • how can we preserve this stories for the future
  • how can we link together stories and conversations created on multiple platforms

We would like to hear what your interests are in this area.


Maureen Lane & Brittany Baksa, Phillips Museum of Art-Franklin & Marshall College

One thought on “Session Idea: Exploring ways in which social media can support or engage digital storytelling

  1. Here are some resources Brittany and I put together. We would love to see this list grow with input from THATCamp Philly, to inspire new ideas. Please add to the list:

    General Resources:

    Digital Storytelling: A Powerful Tool for the 21st Century Classroom:

    The Art of Storytelling-The Delaware Museum of Art:

    V&A Quilt of Quilts:

    New Story Telling:

    SFMOMA: Olafur Eliasson: Take Your Time Exhibition:

    Social Media Platforms:

    Facebook: Timeline creates a structure for creating a personal narrative
    Museum Box:

    Inspirational Projects

    History Pin:
    Brooklyn Museum: Help Us Pin Brooklyn To The Map
    Call to Brooklyn residents to help pin historic photos to History Pin and Share their stories

    Voice Thread:
    Links to Voice Thread History Projects:

    Nashville Flood Digital History Project:
    Hurricane Katrina:
    Kodak Agfa: Chronicles political change in Egypt

    Tell a Story in five frames: “

    Storytelling Flickr Style
    The f l’s of storytelling from The future of storytelling initiative

    twitter stories

    Historical Fashion
    A Queer History
    We are the 99%
    Obamba for America

    Revealing the earlier version of the Mona Lisa:
    Where in the Artworld is San Francisco:
    Dance: High or Low Culture?

    Ask a curator day-what is museum’s most important mission?

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