Friday’s BootCamp Workshops – What you need to know

Hello THATCamp Philly Workshop attendees!

Here’s what you need to know about Friday:

  1. If you can’t attend, please send a note to
  2. Check out the workshop list — depending on what you’re planning to attend, there may be some prep work on your part. There may also be slight changes that have been made in the past few days.
  3. UPDATED: You can attend whatever workshops you want, even if you expressed interest in a different workshop (when you registered or in last week’s “head count” voting).
  4. On Friday, Registration & Coffee starts at 8:30am.
    Workshops start at 9:00am.
    Visit the schedule page for more timing details.
  5. Drinks will be available all day.
  6. Lunch break is 12:45pm to 2:00pm.  There are simply scads of places to get food close to CHF — check here.
  7. We will not provide any meals or snacks, so plan accordingly!  You can bring your own snacks, but please do be tidy — we want to be invited back to CHF!
  8. There will be some power strips in each room, but not enough for everyone to be plugged in all the time.  Be a good citizen.  And if you want to help out and make it easier for others to share the juice, you will be appreciated.

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