Continuing To Work With Students Who Have Low Technology Skills

Hello Friends,

As you will recall from last year’s ThatCamp Philly, I ran a session on working with students who have low technology skills. I took the wonderful information you gave me and brought it back to my own campus, where I gave a talk to our Center For Learning and Instruction about this issue (with plenty of ThatCamp references).

What followed out of this talk was a few of my colleagues organizing with me here at Burlington County College to create lectures on using technology for the student body at large. Pending administrative approval, we will be doing these starting in October.

What I propose is a session to continue our conversation from last year and also discuss how ti implement these kinds of discussions on a college-wide level can be accomplished. What do students need to know? How do you include faculty not only in your own department, but others across campus? What is the role of administration? How can they be involved?

I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend.

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