Session Proposal: Evaluating Digital Humanities Projects

How can we evaluate digital humanities projects? Funders often require some sort of evaluation, and as practitioners we want to know that we are accomplishing our project goals. Yet there are no clear measures for evaluation. Digital humanities projects don’t go through the same sort of peer review as traditional print scholarship. Evaluation is important for academic scholars wishing to build credibility for digital humanities projects within an academic portfolio and for public historians and others who wish to learn how to most effectively reach target audiences. How can we design and build effective tools for evaluation into our projects so that we can measure their scholarship, their accessibility, their impact, and more.

3 thoughts on “Session Proposal: Evaluating Digital Humanities Projects

  1. I think is is an important topic for faculty hoping to obtain tenure with a DH project as opposed to the traditional model of a book. NINES has produced some guidelines that may be of interest:

    Along those same lines, what would a DH project look like for a graduate student? What types of skills and training do they need beyond traditional course work. How do you evaluate their DH project compared to their peers who have written a thesis or dissertation?

  2. I have a further follow up- Do DH projects need to be re-evaluated? What happens the project technically is out of date though the content is still valuable? Who is responsible for updating when the scholar is no longer interested in the project or no longer connected to it?

  3. I just received permission to do a DH project instead of a master’s thesis, so I am very interested in this topic.

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